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Rendarya8 (iOS 8)

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    8.x or more
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    Rendarya8 (iOS 8) cydia tweak is a professional image editor through Apple’s Stock Photos App.


    • Fonts
      new feature with iOS8 version ( now you can add customs fonts with (ttf extensions) in this path “/Library/Application Support/Rendarya8/ Rendarya8.bundle/RendFonts” and you will be able to use them to write on the picture with.)
    • Rendarya8 Album
      images edited within Rendarya8 will be saved in Album called Rendarya8 in your Photos app
    • Rendarya Everywhere
      now you can edit most images in your device Rendarya8 now supports most safari images ( just open the images and click on the share button in the bottom bar and you will find rendarya8 option within) and also supports most images within most apps which supports UIActivityController to share images.
    • Filter
      Has a lot of filters that make your images amazing
    • Adjustment
      Has options let you edit the brightness and darkness of your images.

    • Effect
      Has a lot of effects that make your images effectiveness
    • Blur
      Has options that give your images blur effect
    • Rotate
      give your the ability to rotate your images
    • Clipping
      give you the ability to crop your images
    • Resize
      Has amazing built-in resize options which gives you a nice resize experience
    • Sticker
      Has some stickers to put it on your images
    • Emoticon
      funny emoticons to put on your images.
    • Text
      gives you a nice experience to write on your images
    • BEmo
      gives you a others emoticons
    • Draw
      gives you a nice way to hand-drawing on your images
    • Splash
      easily transfer your images between colors and black
    • Settings
      enable first option let you putting Rendarya with Share options (see image below)
      enable/disable features will show/hide them in Rendarya View
      enable Colors let you change (NavigationBar – ScrollBar Colors)
      NavigationBar-Items option to change text colors in NavigationBar (Top Bar)
      ScrollBar-Items option to change text/images colors in ScrollBar (Bottom Bar)

    Configure options from settings.

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