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    Reminisce cydia tweak allows you to quickly switch apps with a single finger movement, using a beautiful interface.

    Reminisce holds up to 5 of your most recent apps in a tray of sorts that you activate by dragging your finger from the edge of the screen and holding the drag – releasing it when you are over the icon for the app you want to launch.

    Although simple in the implementation, you will find yourself using Reminisce over and over again without even noticing it.

    Not so much an app switcher as a recent apps switcher, Reminisce is not designed to replace the current app switcher by any means, but rather serve as a convenience for switching to a recent app.

    Reminisce comes with many options to configure how it looks and behaves, from the animations to the colors, you can mess with anything.

    If it seems slow to open, this just means you are swiping down slightly when attempting to activate it. Try enabling “Up/Down swipe to open” in Reminisce -> Behaviour.
    On older hardware, having blur, linen and dim enabled will most likely cause some lag due to the high CPU usage it requires.

    Configure options from Settings.

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