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    QuickComposer is a NC/LockScreen tweak. It will allow you to make fast messages/notes/email etc.
    By having a shortcut icon, users can now easily add a reminder, put down the notes, tweet or even send instant SMS by just Swiping down the Notification Center.
    This widget will be useful for all the social networking users and short message senders out-there. So you can have your favorite apps at a flick of your finger in a few seconds!
    You can add 5 custom Apps to QuickComposer in NC, you can set them and edit the order through Settings/ QuickComposer, so you can have a total of 10 apps in QuickComposer.
    Included in QuickComposer is the option to let them appear on the lock screen as well, you can enable the Option show on Lockscreen though Settings/QuickComposer.
    This is a useful jailbreak tweak for heavy users of these apps. Though NC you can always Access your QuickComposer Apps even if you are working in another App, it is just so easy!
    You can be sure more updates will come, and more options will be added, Like Always you get real worth for your money!
    Haze-development is always open for any suggestions to make QuickComposer bigger and better. So let us know what you think!

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