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Push for Gmail

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    6.1 or more
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    Push for Gmail enables push for your Gmail IMAP accounts in the standard iOS Mail App.

    On January 30, 2013, Google stopped offering push (instantly delivered) email for new devices, unless you use the official Gmail app. Gmail Pusher allows you to enjoy push mail using the built-in Mail app again!

    Saves your battery – only connects to Gmail when you have new mail
    Receives new mail notifications instantly, just like the Gmail app

    Push for Gmail

    • Install and launch the free Gmail app from the App Store
    • Sign in to your Gmail account(s)
    • Launch the built-in Mail app
    • Configure the same Gmail account(s) using IMAP
    • Set your Gmail accounts to ‘Fetch’ (NOT push!) and set the schedule to ‘Manually’
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