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    PurpleBoard cydia tweak is an alternative to SpringBoard for the iPod Touch. In addition to having a new look with custom made 3D dock icons, you can organize your apps with folders inside of folders and have multiple copies of the same app. PurpleBoard keeps a few commonly used tools, like the weather, close by.

    Although PurpleBoard has been tested on iPod Touch 4g and 5g and with iOS 6 and 7, I have not tested compatibility with every tweak and I cannot guarantee compatibility with every existing tweak or every tweak that may be released in the future.

    Disclaimer: PurpleBoard does not alter existing files on your system, and it should not cause problems; however, if you have not already done so, this is a great opportunity to make sure that your iDevice has SSH capabilities. Someday you will do something for which you’ll need it. :)

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