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ProTube 2

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    5.x and 6.x
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    ProTube 2 is brought to you by the developer of the popular app ProTube. If you purchased ProTube or ProTube HD after the 1st May 2012 ProTube 2 will have a discounted price of only $0.99!

    ProTube 2 is a add-on for the new YouTube app by Google which can be downloaded from the AppStore for free.

    With ProTube 2, much requested features, like video downloading, adjustable playback quality & much more, are all added right into the interface of the YouTube app!

    These are all the features that ProTube 2 adds to the YouTube app:

    • Download any video in every available quality (from 240p to 1080p HD)
    • Download just the audio file of a video in M4A format
    • Select the video playback quality (from 240p to 1080p HD)
    • Import downloaded songs and videos using Bridge
    • All ads are blocked!
    • Watch videos as they download
    • Completely manage saved videos (delete, rename, add to camera roll, send by email…)
    • Saved videos are displayed in a beautiful interface showing size, date, length and a thumbnail
    • Simultaneous downloads supported, each showing speed, progress, remaining time, total download size and downloaded bytes
    • AirPlay support for downloaded videos
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