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Protect My Privacy

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    Protect My Privacy (PMP) lets you protect your personal information on your iPhone. When an app attempts to access this information an alert is shown and you have the option to “Protect” or “Allow”. When protect is chosen, PMP supplies fake replacement information, such as randomized contact names, or a location specified by you. You can quickly switch between real and fake information, even while the app is running using the Notification Center widget.

    You can protect your Location, Identity and Contacts (Address Book). Future versions will protect even more information types.

    To enable the Notification Center plugin for iOS 5, in your Settings app, Notifications, scroll to the very bottom and you will see Protect My Privacy in the “Not in Notification Center” section. Tap it and turn it on. Then after you tap the back button, tap edit and drag it to the very top so it appears first in the list.

    For more information about this app visit protectmyprivacy.org

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    1. Dr. Joseph S. Curcio says:

      Where is a jailbreak for ios 7.0.2,

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