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    With Printify, you will be able to:

    1. Save things you want to print as files. (PDF documents in most cases but photos will be saved as PNG images)
    2. Send things you want to print to Google Cloud Print. (A Google account is required)

    * and it is universal and extendable:
    1. Printify is integrated into AirPrint and works with any apps as long as it prints its content via AirPrint such as Safari, Mail, Notes, Maps, iWork…
    2. Google Cloud Print can print to both cloud-ready printers which connect directly to the web and classic printers that are plugged into a computer with Internet access. (Learn more at Google Cloud Print

    * So you can easily:
    1. Share content with others.
    2. Save some pages with all details for long-term offline access.
    3. Print to your own printers, shared printers and even FedEx Office from anywhere. (FedEx Office is only available in US: FedEx Office)

    Access features from Printify app

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