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    Send songs by email directly from iPod app! Even if DeleTrack didn’t work for you, this will, I promise! :-)
    Go to iPod app -> Other -> Mail songs; here you’ll see a list of all of your songs. Touch any of them to send it via e-mail. (see Screenshots below for help)

    Note: though this tweak uses MFMusicLibrary, it uses it for reading only. Thus, you don’t have to do any hacking with your device, it will work out of the box!

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    4 responses to “PodMail”

    1. PunkGames says:

      Huum Hello ?
      I would know what’s the tweak used to change the buttons of lockscreen .. ?
      Please and thank you :D

    2. Drkseid says:

      It´s great… Thanks a lot… I have a question: What lockscreen theme are using?… I like it..

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