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Plants Vs. Zombies HD Hack

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    4.x or more
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    Plants Vs. Zombies HD Hack cydia tweak provides collection of PvZ HD 1.9.5 Hacks.

    Plants Vs. Zombies HD Hack

    • Unlock Store
    • Unlock Almanac
    • Unlock Zen Garden
    • Instant Planting
    • Instant Gravestone Eat
    • No Nocturnal Plants
    • Funny Sun (adds the suns you have to pay instead of subtracting it)
    • You don’t need money to buy in the Store
    • Items are never sold out
    • No Fog
    • Zombies don’t rise from gravestones
    • Sun Hack (lots of suns)
    • No Craters
    • No Ladders
    • Invincible Plants
    • One Hit Kill

    Configure options from Settings.

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    One response to “Plants Vs. Zombies HD Hack”

    1. TexanBloo22 says:

      This hack isn’t working for me. I removed the aslr, and I can see the options in settings, but nothing happens in the game. Anyone know why?

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