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PhotosEnhancer Pro 2

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    5.x or more
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    PhotosEnhancer Pro 2 cydia tweak allows you to enhance Photos App with New Features and Options.

    PhotosEnhancer Pro 2


    • Now with UnHide/Hide Option you can put a password to protect your albums from strangers’s hands
    • Share

    • This Tweak open the closed options to share your videos, by default Apple allow you to share your videos on YOUTUBE, MAIL and iMessages. But with this Tweak you will be able to share your videos with more than those options, either you can crop a video to take piece as a wallpaper.
    • Sync

    • This Tweak allows you to delete photos which synced from iTunes Library
      Allow you to save those synced photos to camera roll.
      Allow you to share those synced photos to thers options like youtube and etc.
    • Albums List

    • Now you can arrange albums and edit those names.
      You will be able to arrange camera roll as well from above to bottom.
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