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    3.x and 4.x
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    Has someone else ever deleted one of your pictures, and you wish they wouldn’t have? PhotoProtect can fix this problem! PhotoProtect will prevent someone from deleting your photos, when they press the “Delete Photo” button they will instead see a popup (text configurable by you) warning them that they can’t do that.

    Popup text and button text are configurable via Settings, as well as an on/off switch (also in Settings) so that you can delete your photos intentionally. Instead of losing memories, save them with PhotoProtect!
    No new icons will be added to your home screen. You can configure options from the Settings app.

    • Nathan

      I purchased Tlert about a year ago, and now I Ann grandfathered in to
      Messages+. Well when I open the page in cydia it says package officially purchased, but when I install it it says error at the end, (Error (1)) and 133 as well but I’m not sure what this is from…? I’m on an iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.0.1 and iPod Touch 4th Gen on iOS 5.0.1 and neither will download correctly. It “half installs” and the app won’t open.. Help please!

      • Aaron

        I’m running into the same issue. I’ve been troubleshooting it and I can install Tlert and then install Messages+ and it seems to let the full install happen at that point, but when I open Messages+ after it installs, I’m greeted with a “Free Trial Expired for Messages+” screen. I try to click on Download Purchased License and it says “Daemon Connection Failed”…. So that’s where I’m at after rejailbreaking, going through the file system on my iPhone4 and beating my head against the wall… I’ll try to come back and update this if I figure out anything further.

      • Aaron

        Okay here’s what I’ve got…

        1. Download and install Tlert from Cydia
        2. Download and install Messages+ from Cydia
        3. Remove Tlert via the Manage portion of Cydia
        4. Open Messages+
        5. Power down and fully restart your iDevice


    • http://CydiaTweaks.com/ CydiaTweaks

      You should check their page for FAQ or Support: click here

    • ip44u

      me to getting this error https://p.twimg.com/Ai28ARuCAAAUfTw.jpg

      • http://CydiaTweaks.com/ CydiaTweaks

        Try what Aaron said. Maybe works for you too.