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PhotoAlbums+ for iPhone/iPod

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    5.x or more
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    Do you take a lot of photos with your iPhone/iPod but hate that you cannot manage them? Frustrated with the Photos app missing options to add and delete albums and move photos between them? You need some privacy on your personal photos and you want some easy to use password protection for albums?
    You don’t understand why there is no way to MOVE photos on iOS 5 instead of stupidly copying them? You want to decide which photos get added to PhotoStream?
    Here is the solution: PhotoAlbums+! And this comes with a 100% stock looking UI integration into Photos and Camera app!

    PhotoAlbums+ for iPhone/iPod features:

    • NEW iOS5: Add any photo to PhotoStream
    • NEW iOS5: Block automatic uploads to PhotoStream for Privacy
    • iOS5: MOVE photos instead of just copying them between Albums
    • iOS5: Private Albums tab with one password protecting all Private Albums
    • Add Photo Albums from stock Photos app
    • Move Photos and Videos between Albums
    • Delete Photo Albums
    • Password-protect your private Photo Albums (per-album-password)
    • Copy the Album Folders to your PC via USB
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