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    PatternUnlock offers a new way to passcode protect your device! PatternUnlock replaces the standard passcode lock with an easy, secure, stylish and fun way to unlock your device with a pattern. With PatternUnlock your passcode is a pattern, which is drawn on the screen by connecting 9 dots to form your pattern.
    Once PatternUnlock is installed you can set up your custom pattern to protect your device with. The pattern can be changed or disabled at any time.

    PatternUnlock Cydia Tweak Features

    • Enable or disable PatternUnlock and set your personal pattern
    • 5 built in, customizable themes
    • Create your own themes!
    • Custom vibrations when entering the pattern
    • Top level security
    • Require pattern only after a certain delay
    • Enable or disable device blocking after too many wrong pattern entries
    • Additional features such as emergency call button
    • Detailed usage and setup guide
    • Detailed theming guide to show you how you can make your own themes easily
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