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Package Update Notifier

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    Package Update Notifier cydia tweak sends you a notification as soon as a new package update is available on Cydia.

    What CyNotifier does:

    • Checks for Cydia updates in background and notifies the user
    • Configurable update time (from 1 hour up to a day)
    • Option to exclude packages or repos from the update check
    • Option to manually update using the settings or by using a:
    • Flipswitch. Automatically update when your device joins a WiFi network, when it’s unlocked or however you want using Activator.


    What it does NOT:

    • It does NOT need large amounts of data. One update check has a size of 5-10 kb, meaning you can safely use it on 3G or LTE.
    • It does not decrease your battery life. I have tested the battery usage on a spare device (iPhone 4S) using BatteryLife and the battery drain per hour of the device was about 8.5 mA which is the same as without the tweak.
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