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    Optica cydia tweak is an application with which you can play to try on different models of glasses.

    You can even try glasses, that you’ve designed with your favorite design program.

    If your device has enabled photo camera, on the stage appear the button “get image” and you can take a picture.

    To play you have to:

    • Drag the glasses with your fingers to move.
    • Press buttons to change model and size.
    • Press the button “take photo” to take another photo.
    • Press the button “get image” to load an image of a face that you have stored on your device.
    • If you have images of glasses designed by you or downloaded from the website of juegamenia, press the button that has the glasses icon to load an image.
    • Press the button info that appears on the aplicion to access help (Spanish and English).


    Create your own designs and upload them to your website in order to other users can download. When designing your own glasses please note that this application will make a division into two parts of the loaded image ( according to the image colors ) :
    1 – The background of your design has to be transparent in png format.
    2 – The structure of the glasses have to be black . In the application you can change the color structure .
    3 – The lens may not be white or black . The lenses will have a transparency of 80%.
    4 – The width of the image has to be twice as high.
    5 – You can download images of glasses from the link you see above these lines .

    If you have your own designs, you can suggest the link to be included on the website of juegamenia .

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