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    OnlineNotify cydia tweak keeps you notified about your whatsap friends online/offline status from outside and inside WhatsApp. It will also notify you when any of your contacts start typing in your chat.


    • Get notifications inside and outside WhatsApp when chosen contacts become online and offline. (Works only for contacts you chose inside OnlineNotify registered users table) – Get notifications when any of your contacts start typing a message. (It works on all of your contacts and not just the chosen users)
    • Adds an online indicator next to online contacts in favorites list and group info.
    • Replace contacts’ status text with their lastseen in favorites list and group info.
    • A Flipswitch included to enable/disable notifications directly from your control center
    • Select on which WhatsApp version you wish to run users status tracking. (By doing that you won’t be seen as online on your main WhatsApp)

    The tweak will give you a notice every 5 minutes if outside notifications are enabled and WhatsApp is not connected or if you are not connected to internet.

    OnlineNotify will NOT duplicate WhatsApp for you, the feature of selecting a different version is only for those who already have a running duplicate.

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