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    NoAppStoreRedirect cydia tweak stops automatic redirects to the AppStore and prompts the user for confirmation.

    The original idea behind this tweak was to block MovieBox ad appstore redirects as the app is pretty much unusable in its current state! I then went further and this *should* work system wide. For MovieBox, the redirects are simply blocked – there is no confirmation box. For all other AppStore redirect attempts (whether it’s ads, clicked links, or automatic), you will be presented with a confirmation box where you can choose to allow the redirect or not.

    The tweak is DISABLED by default. Make sure to visit your settings app, turn on the tweak then respring your device!

    MovieBox Clarification:
    MovieBox has become notorious for it’s ads that redirect to the AppStore (Normally for “William Hill” app) to the point it was unusable.

    Due to the sheer volume of the number of redirects, MovieBox does NOT prompt you. The redirects are simply blocked.

    You can always check the settings panel for this tweak to see how many redirect attempts have been blocked.

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