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    This tweak isn’t for everyone. It /is/ for; Sneakerheads and Hypebeasts who’re signed up to receive Nike’s Reservation SMS’s from twitter to ensure a pair is held for them. This tweak will allow you to construct and send your message 10x faster than the rest. In Settings navigate to Nike RSVP tab, and enter the twitter Account (i,e; NikeNYC), Name, and desired shoe size. When you receive the SMS, simply Tap+Hold on the message to bring up the action menu. Select “NikeRSVP” and your message is automatically created and copied to your clipboard with the unique hashtag, your name, and shoe size. Simply paste the message and send. All it takes is 3 easy tap gestures.

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    One response to “NikeRSVP”

    1. bassam zaatary says:

      its not working on ios8

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