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    Nightmode cydia tweak it`s a configurable system-wide nightmode tweak.

    Edit ID3 tags and import files into your iPod library with the help of the System-wide night mode for iOS. With iOS 7’s bright user interface, using your phone at night can be a hassle. Nightmode is the solution. Darken the user interface of applications and enjoy a greatly improved user experience.


    • Replace application splashscreens.
    • Flipswitch toggle.
    • Activator listener.
    • Scheduling Nightmode’s activation (through Activator).
    • Configurable options on a per application basis.
    • Fully customisable tint and table selection colours from the settings application.
    • Plays nice with biteSMS and the native messages application.

    A common list of applications that Nightmode supports:

    • Twitter
    • Music
    • Reminders
    • Settings
    • Contacts
    • Photos
    • Calendar
    • Many more
    • Phone

    There’s more to come! The next feature release will include options to further customise Nightmode!

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