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NextGenUI (iPad)

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    NextGenUI (iPad) cydia tweak is a spacial interface concept based on the idea of having all of your applications represented as graphical nodes, with a futuristic design.

    NGUI4 is full of features and interactivity.

    Nodes can be added, removed, resized and changed on the interface using interactive gestures. Nodes have each have a flag representing the name of application it represents, or the group of apps you have placed in a node that can store multiple applications such as the data storage node. These flags can be toggled on and off individually to preference.

    Two types of nodes implemented include a simple application node, and a data storage node that can hold application in a folder-like fashion.

    The UI has been designed with the idea of future improvements and implementation to be added while conserving the UI layout that you have already taken the time to create.

    Searching, downloading and uninstalling applications is all supported.

    Full UI wide colour customisation from the configuration menu, and downloadable graphical themes that allows other developers to modify the UI and share their own takes for others to enjoy, these themes are placed in: /User/Library/NextGenUI4/themes/

    The unique ability to combine colour customisation with graphic themes makes NextGenUI a very diverse theming platform

    To switch NextGenUI on you need to enable it from the Settings application

    Other features include

    • Themed notification banners (iOS 6)
    • Subtle animations and more to add to UI feel
    • Sound effects

    If you feel NGUI4 is worth more than what you paid, feel free to send a donation to a poor student :)

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