Tips for cydia tweaks developers

Published on May 8, 2014, by Jenny A

Since I`m already promoting cydia tweaks for more than 4 years, I can easily give cydia tweaks developers some tips. These tips are about how to properly promote the product itself.

  1. Pick a wise name. And never change it again. A lot of developers tend to change their tweaks name. This is wrong on many levels: SEO and user knowledge. If you are used to install Phantom from cydia and now you can only see Phantom for Snapchat in cydia search results – you will be confused. And maybe you won`t install the tweak. So the next step is to make a google search for “Phantom for snapchat”, but you only find results promoting Phantom. That`s because everyone posted the tweak when it launched and SEO was made on that.
  2. Pick a suggestive name for your tweak. Take Activator name as an example. Probably this is the must suitable name for the tweak functionality – and so it`s named.
  3. Provide a proper tweak description. More than 30% of the actual tweaks that get released in cydia don`t provide a description for the tweak functionality.
  4. Screenshots. It`s much easier to decide if you want to install a tweak if you look at the pictures.
  5. Don`t go high with prices. I know that after cydia and paypal taxes you get almost nothing. But people won`t pay for something that you can also find free unless the price is low.

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