TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.4 released

Published on June 30, 2015, by Jenny A

TaiG just released their jailbreak for iOS 8.4

taig 8.4 download

After PP team released a jailbreak today for iOS 8.4, TaiG went out and said that their code got stolen, so we should all wait for them to release the tool to jailbreak iOS 8.4

One hour after, we have TaiG version 2.2.0, which jailbreaks iOS 8.4 easily.

There is no sign that Cydia Substrate isn`t working, so you should be able to get right into the best cydia tweaks!

You can download TaiG for iOS 8.4 http://www.bestcydiatweaks.com/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/img/icons/winzip.gif download: TaiG Jailbreak for iOS 8.4 (B)
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