PP releases jailbreak for iOS 8.4

Published on June 30, 2015, by Jenny A


PP team just released a jailbreak for iOS 8.4!

Our advice will be to wait for @saurik oppinion before jumping on. As usual, Cydia Substrate might need an update.

You can download PP jailbreak for iOS 8.4 from here:

http://www.bestcydiatweaks.com/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/img/icons/winzip.gif download: PP Jailbreak for iOS 8.4 (B)
added: 30/06/2015
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description: PP Jailbreak for iOS 8.4

Edit: Seems that PP stole TaiG`s jailbreak and adapted it to work for iOS 8.4
TaiG will release the jailbreak for iOS 8.4 in about an hour, so you might want to wait for them!

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