iPad Multitasking on iOS 9

Published on June 9, 2015, by Jenny A


It felt like 100 years, but on iOS 9, we can finally have true multitasking on iPad! Meaning that right now, you can view and interract with two apps on the same time, using multitouch.

Also, the app switcher has been completely redesigned, for iOS 9 on iPad. Check out an image down below:


A new and very awaited feature, is the Split Screen. Apple says that Split Screen is only available on the iPad Air 2, and allows you to view and interact with two apps on the same time, using mulitouch.


Also, Apple is adding Picture in Picture (PIP) – which will allow users to watch a video while replying to their emails.

What do you guys think? The new iOS 9 will bring iPad back to life? I hardly find an use for the iPad right now, considering how light and portable are the new Macbooks, but maybe I`ll change my mind once I get one with iOS 9 on.

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