Google Maps update brings offline maps and more

Published on May 6, 2014, by Jenny A

Google just update their maps app for iOS and Android with really great features, such as offline maps, voice search, pins and more.

One of the most requested features of all-time – offline maps, has finally landed on Google Maps app. If you have slower internet connection or actually if you are offline you have the ability to see maps previously saved.

To find your offline maps, sign-in, tap the profile icon next to the search box in the top right corner, and scroll to see “Toronto Vacation” and other saved maps.

Here you can find the list of countries that can save maps to use them offline.

Another great feature is lane guidance, which basically tells you which lane you should stay on if you want to use an exit. This could also help you find out alternate routes. This feature is for now available only in USA, Canada and Japan. But more countries should be available soon.

Check this out…

Next time you’re in Chicago, search for directions to Lincoln Park Zoo, tap the train icon, and select “Depart at” to choose the time and day you want to leave—or even “last train home” for those night owls—so you get the most accurate transit information for your needs.

Google says that there are more than a million public transit stops on Google Maps. Now the app displays total walking time of your trip and the next scheduled bus or train.

Some features are only available if you are signed-in. For example, saving places that you saved on your devices, places reviews and more.

Anyway, here is the full list of updates to Google Maps app:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation now gives lane guidance and quick access to route overview (US and Canada only)
  • View travel time, distance, and estimated arrival all at once in navigation mode (US only)
  • Save offline maps to a custom list for when you’re traveling or have a slow connection
  • Transit results now display total walking time of your trip and the next scheduled bus or train
  • Filter search results for restaurants, bars and hotels by rating, price, opening hours, and more (US only)
  • Sign in to see your “Places to review” list from recently saved or searched-for places
  • If you have the Uber app installed, open it right from Google Maps when comparing route options
  • Access your iPhone or iPad contacts directly from the Google Maps app
  • Tap and hold anywhere on the map to drop a pin, save and share that location
  • Search without typing using Google Voice Search
  • Scale bar to estimate distances on the map

This is a major update to Google Maps! You need to run at least iOS 6 to have it. Any thoughts?

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