Cydia tweaks “integrated” in iOS 9

Published on June 9, 2015, by Jenny A

Nothing new here guys, Apple managed to borrow some ideas from our Jailbreak community and bring really neat tweaks into iOS 9.

Here is a list of tweaks that we matched until now:


One of the most useful cydia tweaks that I constantly use is SwipeSelection. In case you did not tried it before, you might want to! Because now, we can find it in iOS 9 and you will have to get used with it.
Using this tweak you will be able to select text, by swiping on the keyboard.


ShowCase is another simple, yet useful cydia tweak – that will transform your letters from the keyboard in uppercase/lowercase, depending on the state of Shift key. Before iOS 9, iOS keyboard always displayed uppercase letters.

BattSaver for iOS 7

There were many cydia tweaks that helped saving battery life, but BattSaver for iOS 7 was one of the most popular. Using this tweak, you could save battery life of you iPhone by limiting some features, just like the Low Power mode on iOS 9.


One of the tweaks that showed the power of jailbreaking in the past, was Ryan Petrich`s VideoPane cydia tweak. This allowed you to detach videos into a separate draggable pane.

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