Apple just announced the iPad Pro

Published on September 9, 2015, by Jenny A

Apple just announced the iPad Pro at today conference!

12.9″ inch on diagonal, with at resolution of 2738×2048 (5.6 million pixels)

Using the A9x processor, making the iPad Pro 22 times faster than the original iPad – and even faster than 90% of portable PCs.

The A9x processor is 1.8 times faster than the processor it replaces.

iPad Pro is just 6.9 mm thick. This is a picture with an iPad Mini below!

iPad Pro weights 1.57 lb (0.71 kg). This is a picture with the Original iPad below.

Alongside the new iPad Pro, Apple just announced a stylus named Apple Pencil. Also, they have a keyboard released for the iPad Pro named Smart Keyboard.

Apple Pencil price

  1. $99

Smart Keyboard price

  1. $169

iPad Pro prices

  1. 32GB – $799
  2. 64GB – $949
  3. 128GB – $1079

What do you think about the new iPad Pro? Are you going to buy it?

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