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    NCSearch cydia tweak is a Notification Center addon that adds 5 search engines to your Notification Center.


    • We have 5 search engines, Including Google, Bing, Baidu, Wiki and a special one, TinEye.
    • You can search by image with TinEye. Just copy an image link(LONG PRESS a image in website in browser then press ‘copy’), then pull down Notification Center press the BOOKMARK button on our searchbar to launch the search.
    • Friendly UI. We redesigned the UISearchBarView and it would fit with NC better.
    • Great stablity.
    • Save your time. Search terms you want just by pulling down the NC.
    • He is a great assistant to your life.

    You can change the sort of them in settings.

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    1. twodayslate says:

      This is a free tweak

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