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    Have you ever had ONE notification in your NC, but you still have to pull it all the way down to the bottom, almost breaking your fingers in the process? Finally there is a solution – NCEnough!
    NCEnough will resize your NC to match the size of the content. This means that you will no longer have to pull the NC down all the way just to see one message or switch one toggle.

    – Autimatically resize the NC to match content.
    – Keep the status bar at the bottom of the NC. Perfect for when you are gaming and just want to have a peek!
    – Multitasking! You can now interact with most apps while looking at your NC!
    – Change COLOR, ALPHA and SIZE of the NC.


    – Should work just fin on both iOS 5 and 6.
    – iPad, not 100% tested yet – email me with bugs.
    – Some other tweaks features does not yet work. Things like collapsible sections in Bulletin for example.

    Configure options from Settings app.

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    One response to “NCEnough”

    1. Chona says:

      Does someone know if i can use this on my lockscreen ?

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