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    NCCalendar+ grants you full control of which Calendar.app events are shown in Notification Center by allowing you to select which calendars you want to be displayed in Notification Center. In addition, the tweak also allows you to configure the range of days displayed in Notification Center for calendar events and the option to increase Apple’s maximum limit of 10 events to upto 100 events.


    • Select which calendars you want to be displayed in NotificationCenter, instead of having all calendars shown.
    • Extend the day span of calendar events displayed in Notification Center to up-to 2 months, instead of Apple’s default 1-day period.
    • Increase the limit of the number of calendar items displayed in Notification Center. Configurable to up-to 100 items, instead of apple’s maximum limit of 10 items.
    • Configure options from Settings.

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