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    NativeQR allows you to read QR codes in the stock iOS camera app. With QR codes seen just about everywhere today, on TV, billboards, magazines, and even our soft drinks, it is a pain to use 3rd party QR code readers from the App Store. With NativeQR, you can scan QR codes in just seconds, straight from the camera app or lockscreen slider, without having to find and open an app from your homescreen.

    NativeQR also makes it easy to share contact information. It adds an option to the contacts app which allows you to share contact information quickly and easily, through a QR code. Never again waist time telling somebody your phone number, or risk making mistakes when typing it in.

    If you did not pay for NativeQR, you should do so. I have put countless hours researching and developing this tweak. Developing tweaks is my only occupation, and I am saving to go to school and research iOS security (to find jailbreak methods/exploits.) My goal is to make iOS as best as it can possibly be! Thank you all for your support.

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