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Music Controls Pro

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    iOS Version
    5.x or more
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    Music Controls Pro is the only software you’ll need to control your music. It provides seamless integration into your phone so you can control your music however you want.

    • Third-party track info supported for 46 popular music apps!
    • Notification Center plugins for track info, swipe support, and volume/brightness support!
    • AVRCP v1.3 support to see what’s playing on your Bluetooth device!
    • Swipe controls to quickly switch tracks or adjust the volume – available on the lockscreen or even when the display is off!
    • Video app backgrounding that won’t pause the video!
    • Remote service for wirelessly controlling music from another device!
    • Dock integration to seeing what’s playing on your stereo!
    • Task controls for seeing your artwork and more!
    • Statusbar integration to always know what’s playing!
    • Many other goodies available like swapping the volume buttons when your screen is upside down!
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