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    Redesign the app-switcher! Compatible with iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPad 1G/2G/3G, iPod 3G/4G. iOS 5.1.1 tested. Cannot guarantee compatibility with other app-switcher related tweaks. MultiStorey is a small tweak that serves it’s purpose effectively with no unnecessary bells and whistles. Adding extra real-estate to the app-switcher in the form of another row of icons, switching apps becomes far easier and faster with a lot less scrolling involved. MultiStorey also unifies the use of the app-switcher between devices as there is now simply one page to the left, the ‘auxiliary’ page, whether iPhone, iPod or iPad. On iPhone/iPod the slider located in that page can be easily toggled between volume and brightness by tapping the slider glyph. Making smart use of the newly available space without overdoing it, it also made sense to add an artist label above the currently playing track.

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