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mSpy (trial)

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    mSpy – The Best Cell Phone Tracking and Mobile Monitoring App 2013

    Simple! Professional! Reliable!

    With help of mSpy you can monitor targeted smartphones; locate the mobile phone; track it; read SMS; view contact list; call details and even more.

    100% undetectable way to track all phone’s activity!

    mSpy (trial)

    • Monitor text messages (WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, Skype)
    • GPS location tracking
    • Spy on Calls (even deleted information)
    • Bugging
    • Remotely block/unblock the phone
    • View multimedia files of the phone
    • View memos and address book
    • Url tracking
    • Access to the list of installed applications
    • Block websites and apps
    • Block phone numbers from texting or calling
    • SIM card change alert
    • Undetectable / Hidden Icon
    • 24/7 Support

    Install 3-Days FREE trial now!

    After trial period is off you can buy a subscription through your Control Panel on mspyonline.com. Here is the list of subscription prices:
    1 month – $49
    3 months – $99
    6 months – $119
    12 months – $159

    1. Download mSpy app onto the device(s) you want to track.
    2. Install mSpy and go through the registration process using app’s guidelines.
    * Your email will not be visible on the target device. It will be used as your login name for accessing mSpy Control Panel.
    3. Go to www.mspyonline.com and start tracking!

    – Monitor Your Children
    – Prevent Data Leakage
    – Keep Track of Employees
    – Get Your Phone Back in Case of Stealing or Losing It
    – Protect Your Phone Info
    – Make Sure Your Loved Are Protected 24/7

    PLEASE NOTE! This application should not be used secretly. You may install and use it on the mobile device you have bought or on the phone you have got a written permission to track using this software. Do not install and use this software unless you have informed the owner of the mobile device you wish to monitor their mobile activities using this application. By using this software to spy on one’s cell phone activities or track their location without their written consent, you are violating federal and/or state laws.

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