Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

Thinking about how you could capture video directly from your screen so that you could save an online show to watch later? Perhaps you’d like to record a live webinar or online event, or even save copies of your Skype calls? Or maybe you’d like to go a step beyond all that and actually record and produce your own professional-looking video guides.

To do any of that, all that you need is the Movavi Screen Capture Studio. As its name implies, it is a screen capture software that will allow you to record video footage directly from your screen, but it also does much more than that and gives you an entire studio of features to edit, enhance, and improve your video as and how you see fit. In fact, you can even convert recordings from analog devices using it.

Some of the features that really make the Movavi Screen Capture Studio such a potent video capture software include:

  • Adjustable capture settings to configure the capture region, audio source, and frame rate as well as the ability to capture keyboard and mouse actions.
  • Editing tools to cut and combine video segments and trim out unwanted parts of the video footage.
  • Add and insert customizable text and background music to jazz up the video.
  • Include special effects and filters to transform the video and give it a professional touch.
  • Automatically optimize videos by using presets to save them with the best settings for any device or platform including mobile devices and online video sharing platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Of course alongside all these features you can also choose exactly how you want to record your video in the first place – whether it is directly from your screen, or from your webcam, or even by digitizing an analog source. The sheer amount of options at your fingertips with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is nothing less than impressive, but what is even more impressive is the fact that it remains ever so easy to use due to its intuitive user interface.

Frankly speaking the only real way to see just how accessible the features of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio really are is to try it out for yourself. That way you’ll be able to experience firsthand what it is capable of, and be able to get a feel for the kind of professional-looking videos you’ll be able to create when you use it.

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