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    Motion is a tweak that makes your icons move. There are a whole bunch of settings you can use to liven up your home screen and make your icons dance around.


    • Rotate: Make your icons rotate
    • Scaling: Make your icons grow
    • Skew: Make your icons tilt sideways
    • Flip: Make your icons flip upside down
    • Jump: Make your icons jump
    • Transparency: Make your icons fade in and out
    • Waves: make your icons move in waves

    You can use these settings alone, or in combinations.

    The screenshots really don’t show the full tweak, because motion makes your icons move.

    No icons added to the home screen. Configure options from Settings app.

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    One response to “Motion”

    1. Roy Swartz says:

      this app gives no option to share with imessage? when i click on the track it says prepairing but no file is attached. works nothing like the video shows, anyone else having this problem?

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