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MJSmash iPhone LS/SB

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    iOS Version
    4.x or more
    Tweak Version

    Choice of: Timed Walls (hourly), Static Weather images, User Wallpaper (must have wallpaper jpegifier.), animated weather (can be turned off for a “lite” version. Cube Mod with weather info, Touch Function on LockScreen (will not work with LockInfo), Now fully translated in English or French. (Thanks, Dacal), WordClock.

    Many of the biggest names in weather widgets had their input on this, to make sure that it runs properly, so thank them when you see them. Contributors – Bombmom, Dacal, ChevyMuscleCar, MaxPa1n, The Durben, Schnedi, and the whole iOSAlliance Team.

    If you’d like to show your thanks to them for this, feel free to donate to the iOSAlliance PayPal: Info@iOSAlliance.org

    ALL proceeds will be given to the coders that have been working around the clock to make my vision a reality. (completely optional, but highly appreciated).

    Changes in Setup/Config.js

    **to change the color, go into the CSS and search “ff33cc” and change it to whatever color you like**^

    Enjoy it!

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