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    Metaphrase cydia tweak allows you to translate any text, anywhere!

    Ever had the problem of facing a text that you do not understand in iOS? It could be a document in Safari, an email, or any text on any other app. Metaphrase is a tweak that allows you to translate a text, which can be in any out of 81 supported languages.

    By default, this tweak translates to your System’s language, however, you can go to Settings > Metaphrase and choose any language you want, after disabling the “Use System Language” Option. It all happens through the power of ActionMenu. Right next to Define and even in places where Define isn’t present, a Translate button will appear. You will then have the text you requested translated, without the need of opening any new apps! Also, the selected text can be in any language, as the language is automatically recognised!

    Metaphrase can now be localised to any iOS language! It has been already translated to Simplified and Traditional Chinese. If you would like to see your language, contact me.

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