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    Messages2PDF is an application that in a few easy steps you can create a File in PDF format of all your SMS messages (including those sent with iMessage, WhatsApp ® also now support also!) And now reaches version 2.1!


    • Possibility to choose a date range of interest which narrow the search for messages
    • Single or multiple conversations
    • Messages sorted chronologically exportable conversation to conversation or mixed chronologically
    • Multiple PDF pages maximum length set
    • Emoji support
    • Whatsapp ® conversations support

    With version 2.0, in addition to the initial support for Whatsapp ®, has been completely rewritten the engine of export of messages, making it more ‘light in terms of memory required and time of export, as well as’ more’ stable (The new engine supports all options except “Mix Chronological”, if selected, will be ‘used the old engine of export).

    When you finish creating the PDF will be able ‘to be emailed directly from the application. Messages2PDF is compatible with iOS 4.3 and above and iOS 5 +

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