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Messages Customizer Pro

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    Messages Customizer Pro cydia tweak is packed full of features to let your customise your iOS Messages app to look exactly the way you want. The preferences are designed to be easy to use and are localised for many languages.

    You can create themes with the following features:

    • Custom SMS bubble colours
    • Custom iMessage bubble colours
    • Custom other person bubble colours
    • Custom info text colour
    • Custom background, with options for flat colour, gradient, wallpaper and image
    • Change bubble width
    • Show bubble outlines only and use flat bubble edges
    • Show/hide + resize transcript contact pictures

    Best of all, you can assign these themes to specific conversations, and you can assign different bubble colours to specific contacts (great for group chats). There are a number of premade themes included with M.C. Pro, you can create your own, or install themes others have made.

    M.C. Pro also allows you to:

    • Change the app tint colour
    • Use the contact’s name as the placeholder
    • Qiuckly switch between conversations using the Quick Switcher
    • Show unreplied to indicators in the convo list
    • Use big image preview bubbles (courtesy of @stickron)
    • Apply an app wide dark mode, with the options to customise the colours used
    • Show/hide + resize contact pictures and hide various UI elements in the convo list
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