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    Melodic cydia tweak gives you that extra functionality in the Music app that has been missing for so long.


    • It lets you change the ID3Tag metadata of your music files.
    • It lets you easily share your tracks and albums via MMS, email, airdrop or just export a whole album to a folder.
    • It gives you in-memory queue handling functionality.

    All of this is done by just swiping left on a track, album, artist or even a playlist cell to get the easy access controls.

    Apart from changing Album Art/Cover Art for tracks or albums, tracks/albums/artist Names and Genres for tracks/albums/artist in the Music app database, it will also export these changes to the actual .mp3 file(s)

    Sharing your personal music has always been a futile task when not sitting at your computer where your iTunes library resides.
    When on the move, you talk to people and share interests. So why not share your music files? This now is been made possible by a simple swipe and a tap.

    The queue handing of tracks/albums is not done the easy way by creating a new playlist but it’s done in memory!
    This means that while you are listening to your favorite album you can easily insert a track that is not even related to that album without having to quit playing it!

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