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    Like reading the manga on mangastream.com but hate that there is no app for it? Well so do we so we and thats why we made this app. Now you can access mangastream from any of your idevices and enjoy idevice formatted manga.

    MangaStream.com hosts the last two chapters of some of the following popular Shounen Manga:

    • Naruto
    • One Piece
    • Fairy Tail
    • Bleach and many more…

    *Please Note Manga Stream translations are spoilers, mangastream.com does not archive any older chapters..

    This app is completely free and was in no way built by the mangastream.com staff. Also, all the content seen on this app is hosted on mangastream.com this app is mainly a better way to browse the site instead of using safari

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    One response to “MangaStream”

    1. Dadada says:

      I am running on iOS 6 with an iPhone 4 and when I choose a manga to read, no pictures is loaded and the screen stays black. Am I the only one with this issue ?

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