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Mail Enhancer

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    4.x and 5.x
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    Mail Enchancer cydia tweak provides multiple signatures rules, custom notifications highlighting, mail filter, quick actions and more.

    Mail Enhancer cydia tweak features

    • Quickly show all / only unread (iOS 4 and 5) or flagged (iOS 5) mails in one single tap!
    • Select All / Deselect All mails
    • Account highlighting in Inboxes makes it easy to distinguish your different accounts
    • Add a signature for every mail address, including special signatures to use for replying or forwarding an email (even In-App signatures)
    • Signature will be added automatically to every new mail, reply, forward
    • Quickly swap sending email addresses and its signature
    • Use HTML in your signatures
    • Use HTML code in mail compose
    • Custom notifications for incoming mail (vibrate x-times, popup, custom sound, speech announcement)
    • Custom notifications for low- / high priority accounts
    • Customize the notification text
    • Notifications will contain the sender’s name or email address
    • Choose iTunes Ringtones as “incoming mail” sound
    • Sound / Speech can be enabled for silent mode or while in a phone call
    • Use custom volume for your notifications
    • Set up Quiet Hours wherein you won’t be disturbed by sound or voice notifications
    • Speech can be selected to speak only when headphones are used
    • Speech can speak the senders name and number of incoming mails
    • Select the voice according to your locale
    • Use volume buttons to quickly mute the Mail Enhancer sounds (like Phone.app)
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