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Lottery Winner

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    Lottery Winner is a kind of mobile application running on devices such as smart phones. By now, Lottery Winner is for Canadian lottery players only, it supports Lotto Max and Lotto 649. But our target is to support number-match ticket lottery game all around the world.

    Lottery Winner is a free software, it provides the following major features that would interest most of lottery players, especially those group players:
    Capture a ticket by phone’s camera
    Recognize numbers on the picture of the ticket
    Check winning result (through phone or online)
    Share to group members (or yourself) by email that includes the ticket picture and a link to check the winning
    One click to check the winning through your phone (by clicking the ‘Check Winning’ button) or online (by clicking the url included in the email), in an intuitive way. Not only you know “Did I win?”, but also you know “How did I win/not win?” in a number matching list
    Every ticket can be saved in your phone for future process

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