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Lookback Anywhere

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    Lookback Anywhere cydia tweak is a tool for user experience collection that is added to all the apps on your phone.

    Lookback records the screen, the front-facing camera, microphone, metadata, touches and active views, and uploads it all in near-realtime to lookback.io where you can study and dive into the data.

    Shake your device or short-press the lock screen button to start recording. You can configure this action from Activator.

    Some use cases are:

    • User testing sessions. Instead of mounting web cams in your testing lab to record both the screen and your tester’s reactions, let Lookback do the hard work for you.
    • Long-term usability study. Let a user record a week of using your app, and study trends, reactions and recurring problems.
    • Quality assurance. Record videos of found bugs, complete with a trace of how the tester reached it.
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