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    Locker cydia tweak allows you to lock your apps, springboard and more


    • Lock your Apps from the Springboard , Switcher & Banners.
    • Lock your Folders.
    • Lock your device , and until you insert the right password you’ll be not able to use the device
    • You can enable this function by:

      • Using activator action
      • Plug/Unplug from AC Power
      • When your device turned on after Turned on , Reboot , Respring.
    • Prevent from moving or deleting your Apps until you insert your Password.
    • Lock your multitasking. I love this function because when I give my friends me iPhone I can see what apps the used , and they can’t delete it from the multitasking cause they don’t know the password.

    Extra Features

    • Cool bounce animation to the alert.
    • Go to lock screen of the password is wrong.
    • Take a screenshot of the password was wrong.
    • If you in the lock screen and you typed the right password it will unlock your device.
    • Lock the Locker Settings page. Like that you prevent from people to change the Locker settings. I thought until the last detail on this tweak and I wanted people feel comfort when using this tweak then I added 3 more great features:
    • Smart mode – when you type right the password no mater where then it don’t ask you for the password again until you go to the lock screen.
    • If the password contains only numbers , then when it will ask you for the password it will show a numerical keyboard
    • To change the old password you’ll first need to type it , like that you prevent from every body just to change your password.

    All the features in this tweak are able to Enable/Disable.

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    2 responses to “Locker”

    1. It’s bugged, help me. I installed and it’s asking a password to enter my phone, I did nothing. I did set any password.

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