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Little Roller

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    iOS Version
    4.x or higher
    Tweak Version

    Do you enjoy classic platforming games? This is the game for you! This game features slick and responsive controls along with great gameplay. There is plenty of content to keep you busy and secrets to find and up the replay value!
    In this game you are a tiny ball who is lost in the garden. It features great graphics with real scenery pictures. If you can pass all the levels you will be awarded with a special surprise at the end! Little Roller features over 40 fun and exciting levels with more to come very soon! Along with the 40 levels there are also 8 hidden bonus levels for you to find and beat! *Other features include GameCenter and Twitter Integration! It’s very easy to tweet to your friends right from within the game! There are also countless GameCenter Achievements to earn from this game! These range from knocking out a certain amount of enemies or finding hidden coins!

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