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    Contacts: internal contacts and local contacts to easily switch search or by any personnel to view the internal organizational structure of enterprises, find contacts is so convenient!
    Project team: You can create a project group, initiated the project group session, to keep abreast of the progress of the exchange program, communicate project issues, also supports meeting invitations, bulk mail, bulk SMS, mobile office is that simple!

    Corporate announcements: the first time to view the corporate department announcement, and comment replies, the company left out important information! Not in the company, has been all around!

    To Do: your Outlook Calendar, Gmail schedule, schedule system are listed to the whiteboard on the “to do”

    Quick reminder: important meeting, colleagues birthdays, work reports, etc., accidentally forgetting began to worry about the boss, colleagues blame.

    Clouds play screen : a call when the screen display colleagues name, title, and departments to facilitate the communication.

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