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Keyboard Control Pro

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    iOS Version
    6.x or more
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    Enhance your typing experience in a new way

    Keyboard Control Pro

    Auto Twins:
    automatically inserts a closing pair of parentheses or brackets when you typing the opening symbols, places the cursor between them and jumps to the selected layout (Alphabet/numbers),ready for input.

    Auto Space:
    automatically places a space behind any configured symbol key.

    Alphabet jumping keys:
    inspired by the apostrophe key on the stock keyboard, Alphabet Jumping Keys allows you to configure certain symbols to automatically jump you back to the alphabet keyboard.

    Numbers Jumping Keys:
    Same as the alphabet jumping keys,only they jumps to the numbers keyboard layout, for easy and fast,numbers typing

    Quick Input:

    • Custom SpaceBar double tap.
    • Twitter: long press the @ key for quick and easy way to insert twitter address.
    • Email Pilot: Whenever appears a text field requiring an email address, simply tap it,and the email address will be inserted automatically, you don’t even need to touch the keyboard for that.
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